The incredible talent of Jan Van Schaik, created the YANVAN brand name 45 years ago. Jan was a Dutch jewelry designer, hipster, guitarist, and Art Nouveau aficionado. He was guided through life by his Indian Guru Ramana Maharshi and inspired by nature. That, combined with being an avid student of the Art Deco era, Jan was well positioned to become one of the world’s leading Art Deco designers of jewelry.

Throughout his lifetime, Jan was a perfectionist when it came to creating new and exciting jewelry designs. With his innovative artists mind coupled with his love of Art Deco, Jan provided the world with some outstanding pieces of fine jewelry. Many of the world’s elite called upon Jan to create pieces for them, not least of all members of the Danish Royal Family.

Still today, the innovative and inspirational designs of YANVAN continue through the creative artists within the YANVAN family of designers. As always, the YANVAN family use only the finest materials in their quest to create great pieces of wearable art. The YANVAN collection of outstanding jewelry sells in more than a hundred and twenty major cities around the world. It is now a household name in many of the world’s design and fashion houses. YANVAN’s agents report from their sales tours, that jewelers everywhere, who often are artisans themselves, besides fascination with the significance and beauty of the jewelry, praise the high quality of artisanship – especially in terms of price.

The exemplary standards set by Jan Van Schaik when he created YANVAN will never be compromised for the sake of market share. Quality control and perfection for our customers is still paramount. The tradition and standards of Jan Van Schaik live on in our jewelry today. In the latest series of YANVAN jewelry, Jan van Schaik’s classics meet the latest fashion in perfect combination of silver and copper forged into one piece of jewelry. We are proud to be the first to present a combination of materials like this. It is extremely difficult to produce and combine these different metals, which requires the brightest and bravest silversmiths.